The passion for high-level Wine

Not just good food and raw materials.

Our aim is to make you live a unique and unforgettable sensory experience, paying attention to the combinations and the quality of the products we offer you.

This is why we proudly present our Winery to you.

Our treasure chest, in which we collect over 100 high quality wine labels, coming not only from Umbria, but from all over Europe.

A collection that we want to introduce you to, offering you sublime flavors to combine with our dishes, made with well-selected ingredients.

Contact the Terziere Albergo Ristorante

Contact Il Terziere Hotel Restaurant in Trevi. Write a message in the form for the availability of our rooms and for a quote, indicating the date of arrival, departure and the number of people.
Also write to us to receive any other type of information. Our staff will reply as soon as possible.

Via Coste, 1 – 06039 Trevi PG
Tel: +39 0742 78 359

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